Democrats-Diaz for Sheriff! Time to put children before $!

Diaz for PBC Sheriff: Apologizes & Thanks Epstein survivors

by Tara Pretends Eagle Weber

Lauro Diaz is running for Palm Beach County Sheriff with 34 years service at Palm Beach Sheriff Office, retiring as Captain. He was born in Cuba and grew up in Palm Beach County, graduating from Lake Worth High School and then served in the U. S. Army. This bilingual grandfather continued his education earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management.

Diaz is a Republican. After 40 years in the Republican party his opponent, Ric Bradshaw flipped and became a Democrat for this race. Bradshaw is infamous for his unsafe, unethical administrative decisions while supervising Jeffrey Epstein's incarceration. As he granted Epstein, a convicted pedophile work release in which Bradshaw allowed Epstein to leave jail 12 hours a day, have unsupervised lunch at his own home while Bradshaw's deputies were outside. During his incarceration, Epstein commited sexual assaults against a child & 18 yo where he trafficked at least one to Florida.The Epstein case was a massive systemic failure with endless human rights violations against girls, teens & young women.

When I heard the details of the decisions that were made by Bradshaw, I was enraged. Where is the accountability as a public official?

As a social worker & VAWA Administrator for the Rape Prevention Program. I felt helpless, disgusted and grew more enraged after watching Filthy Rich, James Patterson's indepth docu-series on Epstein & his endless enablers.

After 30 years as an Independent, a safe status as a social worker I became a Democrat this summer, so I could vote for Alex Freeman for PBC Sheriff in the Democratic primary. I believed strongly in the long overdue change & accountability and I wanted to be a part of it.

I also find myself doing another first. Voting for a Republican. Yes, I will vote for Diaz for. PBC Sheriff. I believe in his plans, experience and outlook. I also appreciate his apology to the victims. It is the first I have seen...

So, I am voting for the candidate who is going to do right by the children in Palm Beach Co.

Diaz' motto-Citizens Before Politics-is literally what I am doing, putting the safety of kids before I vote Democrat. Maybe you should consider doing the's for the kids...all of our kids...