Guido's grandma!

Early Voting has ended...I spent it at the polls 

by Tara Pretends Eagle Weber

Yesterday was the final day of early voting in Palm Beach Co. where I volunteered for Guido Weiss for Congress at the polls at the Ezell Hester Center in the City of Boynton Beach. I had been assigned this precinct when I worked the 2018 election. This community is the perfect example of Palm Beach Co.’s melting pot. Yesterday I saw members of the Haitian, Latino, African American, Jewish communities, mixed with 2 Lakota! It is an awesome site!

As my son and I were approaching the center, he said, “There is Alex’s truck!” Meaning there was Alex Freeman for Sheriff car, greeting the voters as they made their turn into the center. Alex Freeman has been everywhere in this campaign, putting the last seven years of his life into becoming PBC first, African American Sheriff.

Alex ran against Bradshaw in 2016 who was a Republican then, now flipped to Democrat for this election. Alex's commitment to win are just as solid as his comprehensive platform to address many of the issues PBSO needs to face. Alex supports body cameras which are not happening presently, he would prohibit chokeholds and create a citizen review board, creating the desperate transparency needed in PBSO. He also speaks candidly about Bradshaw's roll in the Epstein jail sentence!

Speaking with people seems to come natural to Alex along with his calm deameanor is just what we need in a leader with such potential responsibilities. As Alex goes into the election on Tuesday, this is what he shared, “I am truly grateful for the calls, texts and emails I have received from an abundance of voters who said they have voted for me or were going to vote for me. To see so many voters at the polls for the last day of early voting and hearing them say they were voting for me was amazing. I am hopeful after the Primary Election I will be victorious. Thanks to GOD's Grace, Mercy and Favour and the voters of Palm Beach County.”

As we found our way around the back of the center, we were greeted by other volunteers for Guido Weiss' campaign who were from all walks of life. Everyone seemed to be a veteran but me. It was cool to meet so many like minded, yet diverse people who all were in support of the same candidates! 

Guido is a brilliant man who has congressional experience and offers so much relevant knowledge! His biggest asset is his grandmother who has done some wonderful videoes for his campaign. I think it is so special to see a Congressional candidate have their grandmother by their side throughout their campaign! Also, by his side is Guido's best friend, Glenn Field who has spent the last two months in Florida working on the campaign. He’s a great guy who's really bright & really intense! :) If you see Glen out on election night, buy him a drink, he needs it! :)

As voters pulled up to park, we'd wave them down, tell them where to vote and talk as much about Guido as they would allow! Voters tell you they are there to vote but not sure who is on the ballot or who to vote for! So being that person to clarify feels good, especially when they honk and give the thumbs up as they leave! It made me feel that maybe I was able to make a good difference for Guido because at this point, every vote counts!

Unlike his opponent, Congresswoman Frankel, Guido refuses to take donations from corporations or own stocks in private prisons or in big pharma. While campaign donations may not be as high for Weiss, he does not owe any favors to a corporation even before being elected!

Guiddo’s thoughts on the day before Election Day, “This is a people-powered campaign and it shows, our team was the largest and most diverse volunteer team at the polls - we have volunteers from all backgrounds and ages. Together, we are working to bring new voters into the fold and provide Palm Beach County with the first representative in Congress not sponsored by companies raising healthcare costs and polluting our environment. We have a historic opportunity tomorrow to bring positive change to South Florida that is led by the people of South Florida. Please get out there and vote!”

Guido also introduced me to a fellow Lakota woman who also lives here in Palm Beach Co. She is from the Pine Ridge Reservation, making her and her sons, relatives to my son. As my son’s father is from the same rez. For me that is a really great connection!

Another one of my favorite challenging candidates, Jaianna Seaborne showed up to greet voters! And let me tell you, when they saw that she was the one running for judge, they LOVED IT! They stopped and listened to what she said, especially this little boy who around 6 or 7, when he heard Jaianna said she was running for judge, his whole world stopped. His mouth fell open and his eyes instantly gazed at her in awe! Then when I said let’s take a picture, he wanted to be front and center. He was proud to be in the picture with her-the young, black woman running to be a judge! It was a great moment!

Jaianna’s opponent is Debra Stephens who has been on the bench for twenty years, was appointed by Jeb Bush and has never had to run a campaign! Debra Stephens is the reason my family, friends, son, Horse and I got involved in supporting Jaianna’s campaign. Because we did not want any other mom & kid survivors of domestic violence to get abused, mistreated, be traumatized and go unprotected by Judge Debra Stephens! EVER AGAIN!

Judge Debra Stephens is cold, nasty, inept and traumatizes victims of domestic violence. How do I know? My son, Horse and I had to appear in front of her for our protection order after a man I dated briefly, assaulted me, kicked in our front door and chased Horse for calling 911.

*Judge Stephens refused to include MY AUTISTIC KID ON THE PROTECTION ORDER from a repeat batterer with a serious drug & alcohol problem, as he was calling us a THIEVES & LIARS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!

*Judge Stephens disclosed our safety plan to the convict and ordered him release after just pleading guilty to 5 MORE No contact violations! Hearing this made him so enraged, he showed up with a knife at my old home!

*Judge Debra Stephens traumatized my son and I when she allowed a convicted perp to call us a “thief” and “liars” after she issued the protection order for me! She advocated for a violent man, rather than PROTECT an autistic child & his mother-victims of crime!

After spending much time, speaking with Jaianna and her campaign advisor, Tiffany Washington, also her long time friend, I learned more about her an a defense attorney, her commitment to additional training & her goals. Her interaction with the public is on point, complete with a contagious giggle.

I see a wonderful woman with a heart to serve. She too, has a calm demeanor, perfect for an emotionally charged court room. I believe that Jaianna will bring the desperately needed reform to this bench! She will properly protect and serve victims of domestic violence! Jaianna will bring brilliance, her fairness and the class back to this courtroom that has been lacking to the point as a social worker, I consider it a public health crisis for women and children!

Jaianna’s thoughts the day before the big day, “I was so excited and honored to participate in the early voting process as a Candidate for County court Judge group 12. I had the privilege to meet and speak with members of the community who ordinarily would not have the opportunity, especially with Covid 19. It's a way to stress the importance of getting informed and involved in ALL aspects that affect our daily lives and the world we live in, especially on a local level. This has been a life changing experience for me."

My thoughts on the day before this big, important primary election in Palm Beach Co. is this-Alex, Guido and Jaianna have helped restore my faith in our political choices! They are the wonderful human beings that come with a willingness to clean up the messes and put an end to corruption & those who have enabled it! Knowing full well, they are going into damaged political positions that will take a lot of work to reform and move forward. I admire that! That says a lot about someone’s character!

They are the ones brave enough to take it all on...and bring in the change...The change so many of us have been desperately waiting for! The change is here! FINALLY...

Alex, Guido & Jaianna...are the change!


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See GUIDO'S Nonna (grandma) https://youtube/kvjNySGB8vw