“We didn’t talk about being sick...We just had fun!”- Ranson Weber Horse, 16, Warrior w/ Lyme disease & Autism

Camp Boggy Creek: A paradise for my sick kid! <3

Yesterday, my parents and I picked up my son, Ranson from Camp Boggy Creek, a camp for sick kids founded by actor, Paul Newman! What a legacy this handsome movie star left for the world! He wanted to touch a very special population of children and he certainly has! Just ask this mom!

When we arrived, we were met with the busy mingle of camper drop off which included an array of brown and black children. Several campers had wheelchairs, or were born with a disability or illness-like my son.

After check in, I walked around a bit to take it in. I was just mesmerized at what I saw. There was a pool, a theatre, a gym, and waterfront with paddle boats and an awesome outdoor stage w/ a fire pit. And of course in the huge dining hall, there were pictures of a young and older-Paul Newman, my hero!

I am so grateful for this experience for my son! It was magical! It was something out of a movie! It was overwhelming to take in such a paradise for sick kids…Today, as I write this, I finally cried. I cried because it is so touching that a man's legacy continues to change not only so many sick children’s lives...but their familie's as well!

Thank you, Paul Newman! Thank you, Camp Boggy Creek!

Love, Ranson’s mother!


Website:  www.boggycreek.org

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