"Tara, Thank you for helping my parents!" Gina DeJesus-

"Tara Pretends Eagle Weber, Thank you for helping my parents raise the level of public awareness of my disappearance..."



Thank you for being here! Welcome to my Blog - A Lakota Woman's Voice (LWV)-In Honor of the Voices Never Heard! I am very excited to bring this to life! I hope that people will enjoy, gain something or be inspired by the things that will be shared on LVW.


My name is Tara Pretends Eagle Weber, I am Hunkpapa Lakota and a citizen of the Standing Rock Tribe in North Dakota. I am a mother, daughter, sister, auntie & great-auntie :) I am also a Native American Adoptee, an AIM baby, one who was born during the American Indian Movement uprising and whose birth parent was a member.


I am a social worker, journalist/writer, photographer activist & social justice publicist. I have a passion to tell stories, stand for those who cannot & help those in their fight who need it! It is in my blood to tell stories, stand for strong for myself, my son, my family & for others. In these experiences I took pictures, had articles published and showed the world through social media-the beauties of Native America-and the horrific injustices...


I started this blog because things are happening so quickly in the world today and it is more important than ever to use our voices! HAPPY READING!


Mitakuye Oyasin-(We are all related in Lakota)


Tara Pretends Eagle Weber


Tara-Hunkpapa Lakota


Me & Mr. B

Mr. Harry Belafonte changed the world in so many ways. He is such an inspiration to me! He helped the American Indian Movement like no other could. He stuck up for my people!...He used music to bring attention to famine & civil wrongs, like no other!